Monday, July 20, 2009

Saints Nation: Sean Payton fills in for SI and Peter King

Happy Monday! Saints coach Sean Payton took the time to fill in for Peter King (on vacation) and author "Monday Morning QB", King's weekly installment on the Sports Illustrated website. You can read the full article HERE.

A few thoughts:

- When mentioning teams that didn't make the playoffs last year that will this year, how about mentioning your own team? I realize you are biased, but show a little confidence publicly!

- Peter King ranking us 24th overall? That is a ridiculous ranking. We've underperformed the last two years but you can't have the #1 offense and be #24. I don't care how bad your defense is. It's not like we have the 32nd defense, either. I would be more upset but this is the same guy that said New Orleans was a likely destination for Michael Vick, so he may need a lobotomy.

- Cool to see him give a shout out to Rickey Jackson (on second page).

- I'm starting to wonder if Sean Payton's "friendship" with Kenny Chesney might involve romantic candlelight dinners.

Overall it's a fairly entertaining read, but Payton's topics and comments aren't exactly riveting either.