Thursday, July 9, 2009

Saints Nation: Jeremy Shockey Stirring More Trouble this time via Twitter

Jeremy Shockey publicly blasted former Saint Kevin Houser on his twitter page 2 days ago by saying: "thx chad houser our long snapper for losing my coaches ,teamates, and me around 2mill$.. what a dumb ****. you think your buying LA film tac creits. but the ***** snapper didnt... wow this is a ****** up world we live in". The post has since been deleted from his page.

We all know Shockey speaks before he thinks on a daily basis, but this time it's pretty idiotic. First off, his former teammates name is Kevin and not Chad. At first I thought maybe it was an impostor posing as Shockey on twitter as it would be easy enough to create a fake profile. In fact, there's two Shockey profiles out there (here's the other). But Drew Rosenhaus follows him (which I know is a real twitter page), and Times-Picayne reporter Jeff Duncan (also real) tweeted: "Going to weigh-in on the Houser case in tomorrow's Times-Pic, hopefully with a little more tact than Shockey did yesterday via Twitter."

Ok, so maybe it is the real Jeremy Shockey - and after investigating as thoroughly as I could, I think it is. For him to put something open to the public out there like that and include profanity tells you all you need to know about his maturity level. If it doesn't, how about his "dehydrated" episode in Las Vegas?

I just know how Drew Brees approaches things, and it's very different from Shockey. Brees has been visibly upset with Reggie Bush for similar maturity issues, and he's a choirboy compared to Shockey. When you lack mental discipline like Shockey does, you're a ticking time bomb. You're even more at risk of imploding when the stakes are higher and the level of concentration is even more necessary.In other words, when/if we make the playoffs, that's when a lack of maturity (personally or professionally) is magnified.This is not adding up to be a good thing. I'm starting to see why he's such a red flag, why Brees doesn't get along with him, and why he was run out of New York. I also don't think he's a big enough contributor to make him worth the trouble. If he turns himself into the the type of tight end he was 3-4 years ago, then ok, but I'm starting to doubt he can do that and clearly age is not helping his maturity level. I supported the Saints for trading a 2nd and 5th round pick to attain Shockey, but I'm regretting that move more and more every day.