Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Saints Nation: ESPN National Poll features Saints

Thanks to noblitz and all4saints: A national poll on ESPN that can be found HERE (on the right) asks: Which Team That Has Never Been To The SuperBowl Will Get There First?

The options are of course the 5 teams that have never been: Jaguars, Browns, Lions, Texans, and last but not least, the Saints. Nice to see the Saints leading this poll by a pretty wide margin (Saints currently first at 48%, Jags second at 24%). Glad America believes in the Saints more than the other 4 teams, I sure hope they are right. No doubt the recent state of each franchise has a lot to do with the voting percentages, and who knows what this poll would look like in 3-5 years. Hopefully the Saints will no longer be an option. Get on there and vote for the Who Dats!

DID YOU KNOW? Former Saints head coach Jim Haslett will be coaching the "Orlando" team in the new 4 team UFL, scheduled to start in the fall. The other coaches are Jim Fassel (Las Vegas), Dennis Green (San Francisco), and Ted Cottrell (New York).