Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Saints Nation: The skinny on new long snapper Jason Kyle

With the recent addition of long time Panther Jason Kyle, I thought I would ask a fellow blogger to give me the scoop on him. Kyle is a player you can find little about given his position, so who better to ask than a passionate Panther fan? Hopefully you'll forgive me for conversing with the enemy.

I caught up with Jaxon, head blogger for the Panther's top blog - Cat Scratch Reader, and this is what he had to say about Kyle:

"There really isn't much to say which is always a good thing when talking about long snappers. I think he had one bad snap in 7 seasons of service for the Panthers so he was a very reliable guy. We hated to lose him but it was the economics of the salary cap and the impact of the Peppers franchise tag. He should do fine for you guys...except when he plays the Panthers of course. We secretly implanted a chip in his brain so when he gets ready to snap the ball for that winning FG over the Panthers...Zappp! Snap over the holders' head for sure!"

Thanks to Jaxon for taking the time to fill us in on our new long snapper as well as the obligatory hubris, hopefully you won't miss him too much. Now that he mentions it, if Kyle wins the job I will be paying extra attention to those long snaps when we play the Panthers. Besides the trash talking, I got about the response I expected: Kyle is a solid long snapper that will go quietly about doing reliable work. I'm sure it will be comparable to Kevin Houser, though remember we still can't rule out Rob Ninkovich in this competition.