Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saints Nation: Usama Young and Roman Harper go on NFL.com's live chat

Roman Harper and Usama Young combined to go on NFL.com's "live chat" today and had a very entertaining Q&A with fans which you can read HERE. You have to love Harper guaranteeing the win over the Cowboys and the props they both gave to Devery Henderson for his speed.

Lagniappe: Lots of other interesting news around the league in case you weren't keeping tabs --

Check out THIS ARTICLE on Saints cornerback Tracy Porter. He grew up a Saints fan and apparently was a terrific basketball player.

Brian Griese was released by the Bucs. Now they have 4 guys and I honestly have no earthly idea which one they'll cut. They've got 1st round pick Josh Freeman, so you figure he's a shoe in. "Starter" Josh McCown, Byron Leftwich, and 2008 2nd round pick Josh Johnson. They can only keep 3, which one do they cut? Your guess is as good as mine. The best part as a Saints fan is I wouldn't feel good about any of those 4 being my starter.

Bubba Franks was released by the Jets
. I always thought Franks, even in his prime, was more of a name than an actually solid player. He never lived up to his hype coming out of college.

Derrick Mason retired from the NFL
. There goes the guy I always picked in the last rounds of fantasy football. No one would pick him because he had bad QB's and was in his mid 30's, but you could always count on him getting 80+ receptions a year.

Another San Diego Charger rookie gets shot. What is it with this team and their afinity for drafting players with targets plastered on them? Luckily I'm at no risk of them drafting me.

See? You can always count on Saints Nation for Brett Favre-less NFL news :)