Friday, July 31, 2009

Saints Nation: Rob Ninkovich released, Training Camp bullet points

Backup defensive end and long snapper Rob Ninkovich was released yesterday to make room for the recently signed rookies. Looks like Jason Kyle has officially won the long snapping duties for the 2009 Saints. Interesting moved considering the Saints have about 80 receivers on their current roster (sarcasm) and could definitely get rid of a few. Would have been nice to see Ninkovich battle out for the position in training camp, but oh well.

Training Camp Bullet Points:

-- Sean Payton claimed in his conference that Jason Kyle's addition was a "football decision" only and Kevin Houser's release had nothing to do with the tax credit operation gone awry. As if. I don't understand why athletes and officials always lie bold face to the media. I'd much rather he just say "no comment". Denial is not a river in Egypt, Sean. Per, Payton's quote was: "We felt in Jason's case, we felt like we were getting someone a little bit quicker with his (snap) times on field goals and PATs, and a little bit quicker with regards to the punt (snaps). Certainly we had consistency with Kevin, but we felt Jason had better velocity, and we made the decision." That's fine, I believe everything he said in that statement could be true... but for him to say "the decision that we made was not predicated on that issue" to me is a bold face lie. The financial loss aspect was a significant factor. Had Houser not gotten several people to invest, he's still on the team, simple as that.

-- Malcolm Jenkins, while unsigned, is training in New Orleans. He's not partying with his fraternity in Columbus. He's not relaxing at home milking his off time. He realizes the seriousness. I'm not worried one bit about it. I don't really think you can blame Loomis OR Jenkins as much as you can blame the current market for him not being at camp on time. Almost every team is dealing with this issue. One thing that should make us all feel better is Jenkins' maturity on being ready to be at pratice within 10 minutes of being signed.

-- Everyone passed the conditioning test except one player, who was not named.

-- Jonathan Vilma had a secret abdominal surgery a couple of weeks ago, and the Saints are taking it easy with him. That said, apparently his first practice went smooth and "much better than expected". (STORY)

-- Injured receiver Adrian Arrington (sore hamstring) spent all morning on the bike, while Lance Moore (surgically repaired torn labrum in shoulder) participated in team drills as normal. Moore will stay out of contact drills for 2 weeks.

-- Apparently the support has been OVERWHELMING. A HUGE turnout by Saints fans for the first day of practice.

-- Big shock (sarcasm), Payton and Loomis reiterated the team has ZERO interest in Michael Vick.

Check back for more training camp bullet points as practices unfold.