Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saints Nation: Vaughn and Morstead on board

Mickey Loomis finally got off the couch and signed 2 of the Saints 4 rookies tonight, safety Chip Vaughn (pictured) and punter Thomas Morstead. You can read more about the story HERE, as both players have reportedly signed 4 year contracts. All I have to say is 1. It's about time, and 2. It kind of annoys me that unlike many GM's, Loomis likes to wait till the 11th hour.

1st round draft choice Malcolm Jenkins has yet to sign, and Stanley Arnoux (who is already injured and out for the year) will apparently sign a contract at a later date. I remain optimistic they'll get Jenkins in camp within the next few days, but you never know. The entire crop of 1st round choices leaguewide have been extremely slow getting deals done. One thing I can promise Saints fans is Jenkins realizes the importance of getting to camp on time, and he takes this seriously.

In other news, ex Saints Hollis Thomas was signed to 1 year deal with the St. Louis Rams today. Saints Nation wishes him the best in his new adventure.