Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Saints Nation: Pierson Prioleau Showing His Worth

The New Orleans Saints' official website posted THIS ARTICLE about how backup safety and special teams standout Pierson Prioleau has been doing so far. Barring an injury or something unforeseen, I can't imagine Prioleau will not make the team. If Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams has any say, he'll also have a decent role with the team on top of making it. Prioleau has played on Williams coached teams his whole career in Buffalo, Jacksonville and now New Orleans. Prioleau is also running with the first team coverage units and the coaching staff expects big things out of his contributions in that area. The 10 year veteran is a solid character guy and a solid addition, so he's a great one to have around. It may be at the expense of the spot Chris Reis held last year, but I believe he is an upgrade. While Reis was a good player and that said upgrade is marginal on special teams, I believe it's a major upgrade at backup safety.

By the way, yes, I'm still fuming over the Kevin Houser release.