Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saints Nation Poll: Fans have spoken, Saints can't afford to lose Vilma.

The Saints Nation fan poll of: "After Drew Brees, Which Player Can the Saints Least Afford to Lose?" has closed and Jonathan Vilma was picked by the Saints fans as most valuable after Drew Brees. The middle linebacker scooped up 39% and was followed by somewhat of a surprise in Pierre Thomas at 21%. Marques Colston, who was out an extended amount of time last year, rounded out the top 3 at 10%.

One thing I want explained to me: to the 4 of you out there who voted "other", WHO could you possibly have in mind?!? I had Bush, Shockey, Ellis, Will Smith, Sharper and Jammal Brown all included on that list. Just curious who you four would label as more valuable than the players listed. Please comment!

Thanks for your participation in this Saints Nation Poll and please participate in the new Saints Nation Poll: Assuming Greer, Porter, Gay and Jenkins are the Saints top 4 corners, who do you think will be their #5?