Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saints Nation: camp notes, Defense ahead of the Offense

--Read THIS ARTICLE and tell me you don't just get that feeling the Saints might win the Superbowl this year. The offense has been suffering from drops, poor timing and has been overall out of sync. Not alarming, most offenses come to camp a little rusty. What's encouraging is the defense is taking it to them early. Defenses usually have the advantage on offenses early in camp anyway, so while it doesn't mean much it's good to see that the league's #1 offense is being challenged. How can you not love Gregg Williams' quotes in the article?

-- With Brian Orakpo (drafted 1 spot ahead of Malcolm Jenkins) now signed, this should speed up Jenkins' signing. Mickey Loomis has been negative with the press in terms of the progress with contract talks, but I don't think it's time to get frustrated just yet as a fan. Loomis' attitude is a ploy in negotiations, and everything he does publicly is calculated. Jenkins will be signed early next week, and I'll be shocked if he's not. That said, he's not getting any closer to challenging Porter, Gay and Greer for playing time.

-- Adrian Arrington (pictured) is hanging out on the sidelines nursing that sore hammy. You're not going to make this team if you don't start proving yourself, buddy.

-- Special teams drills went very smoothly for the most part. Coverage units look solid so far. The one player that really struggled was Skyler Green, and he's not going to beat out Courtney Roby with a performance like that.

-- Pierre Thomas is looking thick and Mike Bell is looking thin. Don't look now, but Bell could go from a bubble player to a guy that plays a significant role in this year's offense. That's not anything against Thomas, either, who I think will have a great season.

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