Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saints Nation: Shockey reportedly rushed to hospital

I just came across this on tmz: Jeremy Shockey Rushed to the Hospital. I remember a quote from his former teammate Tiki Barber that said Shockey "lived hard". He practiced hard, played hard, and partied hard, according to Barber. Well, this may be the result of the latter. Before any of us rush to any judgments or blast Shockey's maturity level, let's hope the guy is going to be ok because this does not sound good. Hopefully he had one too many margaritas (not mixed with anything else) and took a little nap to sleep it off. We can worry about whether he's facing the same fate as Will Smith and Charles Grant when we know he's going to be fine. Our thoughts are with you #88.

***UPDATE*** Espn posted a new report HERE claiming dehydration and he's ok. You know brewskies can dehydrate you pretty good in that dry Vegas air. You have to drink some electrolytes Jeremy! Side note, I google image searched "Shockey drunk". Check out the first two pics (especially the second). Yikes. Might want to get those down. One of two girls looks engaged, but maybe not for long.