Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saints Nation: Drew Brees' New Book is Now Available for Purchase

Drew Brees' book "Coming Back Stronger" is now available in stores for your purchase. Brees is the second release in the last few weeks, after Sean Payton's book "Home Team", that promises to be an amazing read. You can purchase the book at any of your favorite book buying locations, or you can click HERE if you are having trouble finding it. From the excerpts I've seen it promises to be a very honest and forthcoming story, which covers dark parts of Brees' life in great detail like the major shoulder injury that almost ended his career and the suicide of his mother. It also covers the Super Bowl victory, his time in New Orleans, and much more. It should be an incredibly entertaining read. I have both this book and Payton's on the way to me via the mail, and I will post a review as soon as I'm done with them.