Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saints Nation: Bobby McCray and Matt Tennant both Sign with Saints

The picture you see to the right is the hit by Bobby McCray in the NFC Championship game that wrecked Brett Favre's ankle. Most Saints fans across the world know exactly what I'm talking about. The Saints cut McCray in a surprise move this offseason to avoid paying him a roster bonus, and in an even more surprising move they re-signed the veteran pass rusher today. You can officially welcome McCray back to the black and gold.

The Saints also inked rookie center draftee Matt Tennant to a 4 year deal. He'll compete with veteran Nick Leckey for the opportunity to back up Pro Bowl center Jonathan Goodwin.

The players cut to make room for these guys were: Marcell Young, Brandon Sharpe, Sam Maxwell and Harry Coleman. Marcell Young did an interview with Saints Nation so I was sad to see him go as he was generous enough to spend a little time with me. Harry Coleman is a guy some of you might remember from his playing days at LSU. Sad to see him to as well, though the writing was on the wall for him when he got a DUI during the offseason. You know the Saints brass have little patience from fringe players trying to make the roster who make mental mistakes like that during their free time.