Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Saints Nation: JaMarcus' Career Over After Latest?

The JaMarcus Russell saga just keeps getting sadder by the minute. The Ryan Leaf similarities are becoming more and more evident. The latest is that Russell has been arrested for the possession of liquid Codeine. Too bad, because he was just starting to see some interest from other teams for a chance at a fresh start in a new system. The Vikings, Jets and Cardinals had apparently all expressed interest in bringing the former LSU product and number one pick overall in the NFL draft in for a chance to compete. Now that he's shown that his immaturity and poor decision making extends off the field, you have to wonder if anyone will ever take a chance on him again. Sure, Michael Vick has freakish talent and he got a second chance, but Vick was at least successful in the league at one point. While Russell has freakish potential in a different way, it's never translated on an NFL field. I think as things stood prior to this arrest, there were questions about whether he would play again or not. Now, I think it's become all but a certainty that he will not. It's sad because you always want local guys to do well at the next level and represent their colors well. I think we can all live with Russell's lackluster performances with the Raiders, but his off the field antics have embarrassed him, his family, his fans and LSU. Russell is just another example of how quickly a high profile athlete can fall if they don't take their fame and the responsibilities that come with it seriously. While his chances are now likely over, the only silver lining we can hope for is that others will learn from his mistakes.