Thursday, July 15, 2010

Saints Nation: Drew Brees and Saints Clean Up at ESPYS, Walk Away with Four Pieces of Hardware

I have to admit I was shocked to see the Saints walk away with 4 ESPYS last night, three of them going to Drew Brees individually. I figured ESPN would find away to ruin the evening for the Saints based on their typical hatred of the deep south. I guess the fans really do control the vote, though, because the Saints were able to avoid some sort of network result rigging.

The Saints walked away with the last two ESPYS of the evening, considered the biggest awards, with Drew Brees getting Male Athlete of the Year and the Saints' team getting Best Team of the Year. Brees also won ESPYS for Best Championship Performance and Best NFL Player.

While the ESPYS have largely been a cash grabbing, attention seeking, imitation award show for the most part of it's history, I have to admit I took big pleasure in seeing our boys get that sort of national recognition. Especially meaningful for me was winning the team award, ahead of the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers. WHO DAT!