Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saints Nation: Dolphins Sign Charles Grant

I guess teams are filling out their roster at the 11th hour getting ready for training camp because we've seen tons of movement all around the NFL in the last 48 hours. Former Saint Charles Grant was the latest to find a team, as he inked a 2 year contract with the Miami Dolphins. You remember Grant was released earlier this offseason by the black and gold, following yet another disappointing season. The deal is apparently worth up to $4.5 million, and I for one was shocked to see anything but the bare bones minimum going into his bank account for a chance to play again at the highest level. The fact that a team would throw that much loot at him to basically continue to reward his lazy behavior and slack attitude is frankly disturbing. If he's still available to this point in the offseason, it's not like teams are throwing silly money his way. It was hard enough to stomach the $20 million in guaranteed money he got from the Saints over the 3 years of his mammoth deal he actually played for the team. Those 3 years, by the way, he produced positively miserable results. He was injured all the time, and you know why? Because he was so fat and completely out of shape. It's a given you get more hurt when you're out of shape. Grant had no motivation to get fit because he had it made, and he had no fire inside him. So what happens? The Dolphins throw more millions at him. Unbelievable. I wish him the best and maybe the Dolphins will get a revitalized player out of him, but I highly doubt it. I'll be the first to doubt his ability to make any impact whatsoever with his new team. The bottom line was that Grant would only stay focused long enough to get his, and the Dolphins aren't really asking him to prove much. I guess it remains to be seen if they gave him an incentive laden deal with a very low salary - that would be the only saving grace for the Dolphins in this move.