Monday, July 5, 2010

Saints Nation: Rookie Quarterback Sean Canfield Faces an Uphill Battle

Saints rookie quarterback Sean Canfield shows off prototypical size and accuracy for a young passer. When the Saints took him in the final round of the draft out of Oregon State, though, I immediately questioned where there would be a place for him. I read THIS ARTICLE which was written this week on Canfield, and he seems like a level headed guy with the right attitude. It's nice to see that Drew Brees is pretty complimentary of him, too. Ultimately, though, Canfield faces very long odds to make the team. The first question is whether the Saints will keep two quarterbacks on their roster or three. The answer to that question has changed from week to week in the Sean Payton era, and most times it has to do with how healthy the Saints are at other positions. Just ask Chase Daniel, the #3 guy on the Saints is typically playing musical chairs between a roster spot and the practice squad during the course of the regular season. If the Saints keep 2, then you have to assume Canfield's chances of making the team are almost nil. Rumors have circulated consistently that there's a handshake deal in place with veteran quarterback Patrick Ramsey, and the Saints will make his addition to the roster official in mid July once the free agency rule restrictions are lifted. If Ramsey does indeed join the team, you have to figure he's the runaway favorite to win the #2 job. That leaves Canfield battling Chase Daniel for the #3 spot, with Daniel already having benefited from a full year in the system. That doesn't mean the Saints couldn't keep Canfield on their practice squad, but I wonder if the Saints will keep four quarterbacks around, practice squad included. If Ramsey ends up not joining the Saints, then Canfield can battle Daniel for the #2 spot. While difficult, that may be more manageable. The bottom line is Canfield could have a very solid camp, and still be shown the door if Ramsey and Daniel meet expectations. In all likelihood, Canfield is going to need to have an AMAZING camp in every sense of the term to have any chance. He'll need to show ability, poise and maturity well beyond his years. We'll see how it plays out.