Friday, July 9, 2010

Saints Nation: Larry Fitzgerald Doesn't Consider the Saints an "NFC Juggernaut"

I was amused by this Larry Fitzgerald quote (pictured to the left getting blanketed by Jabari Greer) "You look at the NFC right now, you think of the Cowboys, you think of the Green Bay Packers, you think of the Minnesota Vikings. Those are the three juggernauts in our conference". I guess he's having trouble remembering who won the Super Bowl and eliminated his team 45-14 from the playoffs last season. Clearly that beatdown was so bad he has amnesia. I guess he doesn't have much respect for a team that completely shut him down. I think he had one catch in the first half when the game was still within reach. I find it interesting that these teams have somehow all leapfrogged the Saints in juggernaut status despite vastly inferior performances. Green Bay couldn't even beat the same team the Saints beat 45-14! Next time we play the Cardinals we'll be sure to run up the score on them again.