Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saints Nation: NFL Considering 18 Game Season

There's lots of discussion about the possibility of the NFL adopting an 18 game regular season in the new collective bargaining agreement. The main con for most players is that they already suffer through significant wear and tear with 16 games, and the pros are endless. More football and more revenue, what's not to like? I personally hope it happens, and it's not possible for that to come to fruition fast enough. Preseason is awful. The NFL should halve the preseason games from 4 to 2 and make the season 18 games long. They should expand the roster maximums from 53 to give teams a chance to further evaluate their talent as the season progresses (as oppose to making tough decisions on who to cut after 4 preseason games). You'll still have to cut guys before the season starts, but expanding the rosters hopefully means less tough decisions. I realize it's not ideal for the players even if preseason is cut, but those players concerned about the length of the season aren't playing more than a half in exhibition, and often times less. I realize that injury is a risk that's increased with more games, but with the salaries players are making they shouldn't be complaining. As fans we should all be pushing for this to happen.