Friday, April 30, 2010

Saints Nation: Getting to Know Saints' Undrafted Rookie Free Agent Marcell Young

Here's an interview with new Saints' cornerback and undrafted rookie free agent Marcell Young. This is a great interview as he showed a lot of personality in his answers. I like this guy already. Hopefully he can compete and make his way onto the team. I think he could become a fan favorite in the making. Thanks again to Marcell and good luck this season!! 

Saints Nation: What were your expectations going into the draft? Were you told you'd be drafted by a certain round?

Marcell Young: Well I was expecting a late round chance in the 6th to 7th round. The Rams called me and told me they were going to take me in the seventh round but they didn't!

SN:  I'm sure not getting drafted was a disappointment, but talk about the process afterward and how you feel about joining the Saints?

MY: After the draft I had about seven teams offer me a free agent deal and the Rams were one. I was upset with the Rams for not taking me in the seventh so when they called I declined their offer! When the Saints called, I was at my daughter's birthday party and they said they were trying to get a corner in free agency and said if I signed I would be the only one they signed. I asked them if I could think it over for a few minutes and they said ok, but right after we hung up Coach Payton and their DB coach called. I said to myself that they must really want me and that made me feel good so I chose my favorite team! All the other teams that I talked to, their head coach or db coach didn't get on the phone!

SN: Who is the toughest player you've gone up against during your college career?

MY: One of the toughest players I faced in college was Demetrius Byrd from LSU. We played junior college ball against each other.

SN: Do you know anyone on the Saints or have any ties with the team, or will you be going in completely blind?

MY:  I don't know anyone on the Saints team! My mentor this past season was Deuce but he is no longer on the team. So it looks like I'll be completely blind, I hope they'll embrace me!

SN: Can you maybe tell the Saints fans what they should expect from you as a player? Any big time college moment experiences you want to share with us?

MY: The Saints fan should expect a hard working, blue collared guy who doesn't mind making an appearance to speak to kids or different events! They should expect me to make this team and contribute on where ever they coaches need me!

SN: What do you know about the Saints cornerback situation going in? It's crowded with depth so do you see it as an uphill battle making the team?

MY: Yeah, I know it's crowded, but I don't see it as an uphill battle because my play and overall work ethic will speak for itself! All the teams that called me had crowded secondaries so it wasn't going to be easy anywhere I went... But I don't want it to be easy! Thanks man! Who Dat!?