Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saints Nation: The Punting Job is all Thomas Morstead's, Pakulak released

The Saints made the announcement late last night that veteran punter Glenn Pakulak (pictured) was released along with young receiver Paris Warren (STORY HERE). Pakulak became the punter for the Saints last year after the Chargers game in London, and performed well enough to keep his job through to the end of the season. The release means that rookie 5th round draftee punter Thomas Morstead has now officially won the punting job. He'll open the season booting the Saints out of bad field position, but with last season as evidence he'll need to be consistent as Sean Payton has shown no hesitation to part ways midseason with a struggling punter. Still, it's nice to see the rookie outperform a veteran to validate the draft selection the Saints made. Admittedly both punters had struggled a little bit overall through two preseason games, but now Morstead will have the luxury of having the last two preseason games to himself as he preps for week 1 against the Lions. With the release of Pakulak and Warren, the Saints roster now stands at 78, and it will need to be down to 75 by September 1st.