Thursday, August 13, 2009

Saints Nation: Brooks leaves without contract, Saints set to face Bengals

The Saints worked out veteran linebackers Derrick Brooks and Derek Smith yesterday, but for the time being they have let both go home without contracts. According to Sean Payton: "Those guys are both in great shape, we're not going to do anything right yet" (LINK). The Saints are possibly in the search for a backup linebacker after Mark Simoneau was diagnosed with a torn triceps muscle this week. Apparently the Saints will wait until after the game Friday (tomorrow) against the Cincinnati Bengals before they do anything - so Brooks would be a Saint Saturday at the earliest. There was no sense for which one they liked better, but if both guys are in good shape you'd have to think the Saints would prefer Brooks.

Tomorrow vs. the Cincinnati Bengals: The starters are scheduled to play approximately 1 quarter, with the 2nd unit playing quarters 2 and 3 and the 3rd unit closing out the 4th quarter. The game is scheduled for 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern and will not be televised nationally.