Monday, August 17, 2009

Saints Nation: The Jason David Experiment is Mercifully Over

The news was first broken this morning by (story HERE), so props go out to them for breaking the story and beating many major media outlets to the punch. Always good to see a blogger out scoop those who do it for a living :)

You'll remember me writing just yesterday that it's time to part ways with Jason David (HERE) and today all our wishes came to fruition. The Saints have waived Jason David and have replaced him with cornerback Greg Fassitt. Fassitt played college ball at Grambling and has been on the Saints preseason roster before (prior to getting injured and being placed on IR). Sadly Derrick Brooks was NOT the replacement signed, but the move did save the Saints a little over $2 million in cap room which now places them approximately $6 million under the maximum and gives them plenty of space to afford Brooks.