Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Saints Nation: Thoughts on Saints win over Texans

So I finally got around to watching the Saints-Texans game. "Some Saints fan" I'm sure you're thinking... I know I know. I feel guilty but I wasn't about to miss my buddy's bachelor party in San Diego. Great times. Anyway, here are the game bullets:

-- The first thing that jumped out at me was that the Saints missed Scott Fujita (pictured). Troy Evans started in his place and was victimized on a couple play action pass plays and he was out of position at least a couple times.

-- Kendrick Clancy, I continue to say, is the most underrated player on the roster. He plugged the gap numerous times and looked terrific in run support in limited snaps.

-- Anthony Hargrove played the entire game and was productive at times. I think he's a lock at this point. The Saints took a very long look at him in the game and he was pretty good.

-- Mike Bell is a LOT quicker than I realized. Some of the hard cuts he made were very impressive, and he juked at least a couple guys out of their shoes. He's a lock. He's the game's MVP and I guess the lost weight is making a big difference. Speaking of which, I actually thought Pierre Thomas looked a little slow.

-- The 1st team offense hasn't missed a beat from last year. Drew Brees is so good at getting the ball out of his hands and he has so many weapons at his disposal - this team is going to score a lot of points in 2009.

-- I like Tracy Porter. He's not a shutdown corner and he gave up some pass plays, but he's scrappy and he's not afraid of sticking his nose into a play. That kid is only going to get better.

-- You can just tell the additions of Jabari Greer and Darren Sharper are making the world of difference. Replace those guys with Jason David and Josh Bullocks and you have the 2007-2008 versions of the Saints' defense. What a difference 2 players can make.

-- Penalties - what is with the penalties? They had double digits out there. The lack of discipline on special teams especially was outright pathetic. I don't know why the Saints can't figure out how to line up in a field goal/punt formations but they better figure it out.

-- I don't know if it's the lack of Addarall in his system but Garrett Hartley looks like crap and I wonder if 2009 verison of the Saints will showcase Carney as the kicker for the duration.

-- I thought Joey Harrington's performance, especially with the starters, was outstanding. Brunell was arguably even better. I hope Joey's head is ok because that hit was UGLY, but I liked him running for a 1st down on 3rd and 8 - he showed some guts.

-- Why is Herb Donaldson so far down on the depth chart? Lynell Hamilton and PJ Hill have impressed me about half as much as Donaldson, and don't forget Donaldson was also the best runner in the Black & Gold Scrimmage. I hope he gets more of a chance in these last two games.

-- What to do about Courtney Roby vs. Rod Harper for a roster spot? I think at this point it's safe to say Skyler Green is toast. Props to Roby, by the way, for a TERRIFIC block on Donaldson's touchdown run. Harper's punt return for a TD was electric, and Roby looked dangerous on kick returns.

-- Jenkins was mediocre at best, and I was actually glad. I think he's off to a roaring start after signing late and he needs a little humility at this point. With a little hard work and learning from his mistakes he'll be fine.

-- I wasn't so much happy for Randall Gay getting that last INT as I was thinking "why on earth is he still in the game?". Has he fallen down that deep on the depth chart? The most reliable corner last year is now a #4 corner at best? I have to say I'm surprised because I thought the staff really loved him.

-- Colston is the man and an absolute stud. Grab him in your fantasy leagues if you can.

-- Martrez Milner is horrendous.

-- Bushrod handled himself admirably at left tackle. I'd give him a solid B, though he did let Mario Williams beat him and crush Drew Brees on one play.

That's all I got.

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