Thursday, June 17, 2010

Saints Nation: Team Receives Their SuperBowl Rings, Tweets From the Evening

So the team finally got their rings! Check it out! Not bad, huh? Below are some tweets from the evening to get you all caught up on the festivities:

T_Porter22 I'm bout to get my ring!!!!!!


TylerLorenzen this is unreal  

T_Porter22 GOT IT!!!! OMG!!!!  

ChaseDaniel Super Bowl XLIV Champions!!!  

usama_young28 We got the rings! Here is Dunbar showin his off  

JeremyShockey Wow what a great RING.. good Luck everyone!! Try to get 1... what a great goal to reach.... Night Night ill br sleeping with  

drewbrees My wife Brittany and I after our Super Bowl Ring party tonight. This is a special night. We love you New Orle  

Pierre_Thomas super bowl champs baby!! 

cgrant94 Its fareal
LanceMoore16 Had a great night tonight. Got the super bowl ring n for those who have not seen it there will be a nice twitpic in the am. Good night all!