Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saints Nation: Pierre Thomas and Jammal Brown Still Absent, This Time for Minicamps

Jammal Brown (pictured) and Pierre Thomas are both MIA for this weekend's minicamp according to ESPN (story). No real surprises there but I don't really see a deal getting done for either anytime soon. In Brown's case, I don't see a long term deal getting done at all. It's interesting that Roman Harper and Lance Moore, while in the same position contractually, continue to take the approach of showing up to practice. Technically none of these four players are under contract, so they are under no obligation. The question we're all wondering is how long Mickey Loomis will allow these deals to drag along. He'll need to turn his attention towards signing the Saints' draftees in the not too distant future, so one would think he'd want to get these veterans locked up before focusing on getting the rookies into training camp. Camp is officially set to commence on July 29th, so realistically we should expect that for the next month this is Loomis' priority. Traditionally the Saints haven't really started signing rookie draftees until the week before training camp or so. Sometimes a little earlier, but Loomis historically waits till the 11th hour on that task. Don't expect any of the rookies to ink a deal until well into July, unlike the Bears who I believe have close to the entirety of their draft class already signed. That leaves a window that's relatively sizable to sign Moore, Harper, Thomas and Brown, but it's closing by the day.