Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saints Nation: Review of "Saints: Road to Super Bowl XLIV"

Thanks to Jim G., I was able to get a review on the Blu-Ray Saints' disc that's out there. A copy of the Blu-Ray disc can be found HERE, on sale for $38.99. Here's his take:

"I just finished screening my copy of "Saints - Road to XLIV". It's a two-disc set with 4 complete games. The Redskins in the regular season, the two playoff games and the Superbowl.

The disc I got was Blu Ray and I watched it on my Vizio HD 42" screen. The picture quality was excellent.

The games are the original network broadcast with the original announcers and have been edited a bit for time. If you've seen NFL Replay games that come in at an hour and a half, these games are similar, but have less cut out. They leave all the plays, but cut out time outs, reviews, sometimes a huddle here and there, and of course, commercials. It is therefore, non-stop Saints action. There is very little on the disc other than the games.

The first two games, which are the Redskins and Cardinals on Disc One, have no pregame or postgame at all. There are also no special features.

Disc Two features the Vikings, and the Superbowl with the Colts. They've included the pregame two-shot of the announcers on both, but there is no postgame on the Vikings game and only a few wide shots on the field (about a minute's worth) after the Superbowl. The only Special Feature is a pop-up trivia option for the Superbowl. At first I found it a bit annoying, but I shortly got used to it and there are a few comments I found interesting.

I already have "Super Bowl XLIV Champions" the NFL recap of the '09 season including the Superbowl and that disc has plenty of extras, enough to satisfy, but no entire games. I'm really happy with the "Saints - Road to XLIV" because I wanted the Superbowl in its entirety. The other 3 games are an excellent bonus. If you're a Saints fan like me, you can never get enough, so for the Superbowl-winning year I find that the two discs by NFL Films, "Super Bowl XLIV Champions" and "Saints - Road to XLIV" are super satisfying and an absolute must addition to my video collection."
Much thanks to Jim for the excellent review. Sounds like I'll be buying my copy right now and I recommend Saints fans out there do the same!