Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Saints Nation: Saints Wrapping Up OTAs

The Saints are wrapping things up today at OTAs before they take a break for a lengthy stretch leading into training camp (which starts on July 29th). The team is scheduled to receive their SuperBowl rings today, and I'll post the comments the players make on twitter once that happens here. I have a feeling we'll be getting lots of feedback. It'll be nice for the players to get a little break from football and relax. The one tricky thing about winning a SuperBowl is your season is extended much further than the competition, which means you get less downtime in the offseason. Since winning the big game the Saints players have been flooded with appearance and media requests. It's all very draining and time consuming. It comes with the territory, sure, but one must never underestimate the need to recharge batteries. Hopefully they'll get an opportunity to do that now.  The OTAs were all about installing the playbook and getting the group on board with the terminology and system. Getting through that portion of the offseason is an accomplishment, and the players can now enjoy a well deserved break. Once training camp hits on July 29th, the real fun (and work) starts!