Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saints Nation: Saints Raise Awareness of Oil Spill

The entire Saints' roster and coaching staff spent yesterday visiting Plaquemines Parish to see first hand the damage that the oil spill has caused to the coast. Above you can see several Saints players peaking at the rescued pelicans covered in oil that are in desperate need of cleaning. The media was in full force to cover the event, including national outlet ESPN, so it was great to see our boys raise awareness about this tragedy. The Saints also announced they will be raffling off an authentic Super Bowl Ring, with all proceeds going to help the cleanup efforts. You can read more about the Saints' trip and player's thoughts about the experience on NOLA and on the Saints' official website.

Is it just me, or are the Saints by far the most community active sports franchise out there? Maybe I'm biased, and maybe I'm more aware of the things they do because I follow them more closely than anyone else, but it sure seems like it. Like Drew Brees said, "If people didn’t see a bond between the team and the city and region before the Super Bowl, I think everybody sees that now". The experience of rooting for the Saints is like no other sports team in the world. It's almost like there's a connection between the team, players and fans that goes beyond sports. It's great that the entire team went on that visit, but it's even more touching to see how much all of these guys care. It's pretty remarkable seeing as how the vast majority of these players aren't even from the area, but during their time in the city New Orleans has adopted them as their own.

Make sure you enter the raffle for your chance to win an authentic Super Bowl ring while donating to a very important cause. If you're a Saints fan, there's no way this tragedy hasn't affected you in some way, so donate to the cause and raise awareness. I know I am!