Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saints Nation: Amit's Power Rankings

Below are Amit's offseason power rankings. 

1.Saints - Would you expect anything else? TWO DAT!
2. Vikings - Everyone knows Brett Favre is coming back.
3.Colts- With the loss of Tom Moore as their offensive coordinator, will Peyton Manning suffer a dropoff?
4.Packers - Aaron Rodgers is quickly making a name for himself as a top 5 elite quarterback, and with a great quarterback you're always going to be competitive.
5.Ravens- With the addition of Anquan Boldin and a spectacular draft which included Sergio Kindle, are the Ravens prepared to take over the AFC North?
6.Cowboys- With the addition of Dez Bryant, an explosive offense just became more explosive.
7.Jets - They appear to have gotten much stronger in the offseason, but will it translate on the field? Mark Sanchez will need to improve drastically for the Jets to have a real chance
8.Chargers - The LT era is over, but the Rivers era is as strong as ever.
9.Bengals- The additions of Antonio Bryant and Jordan Shipley will give this offense a potent passing attack to go along with a smash-mouth ground game.
10.Falcons- Will Matt Ryan’s progression be enough to lead the Dirty Birds to the playoffs?
11.Patriots- While Tom Brady is still the quarterback, the Patriots are still playoff contenders.
12.Texans- Will the addition of Kareem Jackson be enough to replace Dunta Robinson?
13.49ers- The additions of Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati will give the 49ers offense a better opportunity to move the ball down the field.
14.Dolphins- Will the additions of Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby send the Fins into the postseason?
15.Redskins - Depending on how healthy and performant Donovan McNabb will be, the Redskins will be dangerous, but good on paper has not translated well for them on the field.
16.Raiders - Can Jason Campbell resurrect the Raiders' previously dormant offense?
17.Giants- Can the Giants generate a pass rush to prevent other teams to pass all over them?
18.Titans- Can Chris Johnson repeat his 2009 performance in 2010?
19.Bears- Can Mike Martz help Jay Cutler fix his interception problem?
20.Eagles - How long before Kevin Kolb gives way to Mike Vick?
21.Steelers- Without Troy Polamalu, the Steelers’ defense was mediocre.  Will it be any better?
22.Panthers - Steve Smith being out for a big chunk of training camp won't help Matt Moore's development.
23.Broncos-Who will be their starting quarterback?
24.Cardinals- Matt Leinart has finally taken over the reins from Kurt Warner.
25.Seahawks- Is Pete Carroll just a college coach?
26.Bucs - The Bucs are still in rebuild mode and a year or two away from being competitive.
27.Lions- Can Ndamukong Suh be a dominant force for Jim Schwartz like Albert Haynesworth was?
28.Rams- Is Sam Bradford pro-ready?
29. Browns- Colt McCoy is the future, but Jake Delhomme is the present…present = bad
30.Chiefs- Can Jamaal Charles carry a team on his shoulders?
31.Jaguars- How can you justify taking a 2nd-3rd round prospect at #10 overall?
32.Bills- How will the addition of C.J. Spiller improve a team with an already crowded backfield?