Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Saints Nation: Herb Donaldson with Saints or not?

First there was THIS ARTICLE which announced the Saints' signing of power running back and Western Illinois star Herb Donaldson. Then there was THIS ARTICLE which claims he is not on the team, contrary to previous reports. The Saints official website also listed 1o players that signed as rookie free agents and Herb Donaldson is not included.

Saints Nation caught up with Herb Donaldson this Tuesday morning to get clarity on this issue, and according to him NOLA.com has a misinformed publication and he DEFINITELY signed with the Saints last Monday. He also fully plans to report with all the other rookie free agents in New Orleans. So that's first hand from the player's mouth, Saints fans. Hopefully we'll get more clarity on the issue soon, because it's very odd that the official site wouldn't include him amongst the signees. Perhaps he hasn't gotten his official jersey number, though, and they're waiting to finalize that before officially placing him on the roster. This would kind of throw a wrench in Saints Nation's current poll question since he's currently the leading candidate to make the team... but based on what Herb just told me I think we can all rest assured an official announcement about his signing should be right around the corner.