Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saints Nation: Anthony Hargrove in, Josh Savage out

According to NOLA.com, the Saints have released Josh Savage in favor of adding defensive end Anthony Hargrove. Um, why? Savage came in last year after a rash of injuries and played pretty well in limited time. The truth of the matter is neither player will would likely make the 53 man roster, so in the end Hargrove will have to turn some heads in a major way to have any chance. I'm still scratching my head though because Hargrove's track record is closer to a Cincinnati Bengal than it is to any current Saint. The morally upstanding player blueprint Sean Payton typically seeks was ignored here. Payton says "He's an interesting player". His checkered past is interesting, I'll give Sean Payton that much, but it doesn't make him appealing. The guy has failed drug tests, twice, and he's been suspended for a much as an entire season. He also carries the requisite arrest outside of a nightclub thanks to his involvement in a scuffle. Very impressive.

Hargrove must have a lot of talent for the Saints to show Savage the door. I don't like the move and I feel for Savage, because he was never even given a chance to fight in training camp. I'm sure Hargrove will be on a short leash because it's already clear he'll be a bad fit in the locker room. By the way his stats have yet to show anyone how loaded he is with talent. Barring a complete character and performance transformation, don't count on this guy being a Saint for very long. I'm not saying this guy doesn't deserve a shot, but he'll be surprising a lot of people (myself included) if he can turn himself around.