Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saints Nation: 2013 Super Bowl will be in New Orleans

It's official: The Louisiana Superdome will be home to the 2013 Super Bowl (story here). This is terrific news for the city, and a testament to the recovery we've all witnessed since Hurricane Katrina. Let's face it, the NFL wouldn't be coming to New Orleans for the biggest yearly sporting event in America unless the city was ready. The exposure the city will receive is something we were able to experience with the NBA All Star Weekend last year, except we can expect it to be tenfold. The revenue that this will bring in is also another step towards improving an infrastructure previously ravaged by natural disaster. The state and Saints officials also deserve a lot of credit for forging an agreement in time for the NFL to approve this event. Without a long term commitment to New Orleans, having a Super Bowl there made little sense. Now it makes all the sense in the world. Could the Saints be the first team in NFL history to have a home game in the Super Bowl? We'll find out in 2013!