Monday, May 18, 2009

Saints Nation: Chucky In, Kornheiser Out

Former Tampa Bay Bucs head coach Jon Gruden has apparently joined the Monday Night Football crew, replacing Tony Kornheiser of PTI. I have two words in response to that news: THANK GOD. Kornheiser is a babbling idiot. While his addition wasn't as bad as the Dennis Miller era, his jokes aren't funny and his football knowledge is mediocre. I'll go a step further and say that PTI is the most overrated sports show in America. I know some of you might disagree with me strongly, but Kornheiser is a loud mouth with a strong opinion that usually isn't that interesting. That's my estimation and I'm sticking to it. With Gruden they'll keep the same level of intensity while adding a wealth of knowledge about the game. I also think the Bucs got worse by letting him go and I'm happy because that's to the Saints benefit. He'll be calling 2 Saints games this year and his commentary should be very interesting.