Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saints Nation: You want answers? This is the worst time to get them.

NOLA.com reported that Mickey Loomis will meet with the media tomorrow to discuss the upcoming NFL draft on Saturday. But who really cares? One thing is for sure, you will hear nothing of substance. If you think you hear something of substance, either it's a smokescreen or Saints management are not as smart as they think they are. This is always the most painful time of the year where countless opinions and predictions get thrown out there and only few have any validity. And don't expect anything to come out of Loomis' mouth that will either be: A. of any interest whatsoever or B. something you didn't know. Who can forget Jim Haslett's bold face lies to the media about what the team was targetting pre-draft? With Haslett, the only thing you could count on was he was going to draft anything but what he told you.

So take that press conference tomorrow with a big grain of salt and stay patient till Saturday. We're not going to get any answers before then as the team officials lock themselves in a room and throw away the key. I would go as far as saying there are players on the Saints roster that are more in the dark about their team's draft plans than some of us fans. We'll see what happens soon enough, and hopefully what happens is Malcolm Jenkins in a Saints uniform.


Other links:

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Torry Holt is now a Jaguar
. A little weird, but even at his age I'm glad to get him out of the NFC.

Turning to the NBA for a second: Good luck to the Hornets tomorrow night against the Denver Nuggets. Down 1-0 in a 7 game playoff series, this is an important game to win for them. As Saints fans we should rally behind them and support our city. Surprisingly, they don't seem too worried about the game 1 blowout loss.