Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fans have spoken: Dan Morgan to start at WLB

Thanks to all of you who have voted, Dan Morgan has won the saints nation poll for starting WLB this season. Suprisingly, he won this pretty easily getting 65% of the vote despite sitting out a year and returning from retirement. Clearly the Saints fans believe he's primed for a return to glory. Incumbent starter Scott Shanle got 15% of the vote, promising youngster Jo-Lonn Dunbar got 10% and another 10% felt a new addition (rookie or free agent) would be the starter. Here's to hoping for a successful and HEALTHY season for Dan Morgan. There is no question the guy can play some serious ball when he's playing with confidence. Please check out the new poll on the right side and vote for your pick as the #1 Saints choice at #14.