Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chargers fan's opinion on Anthony Waters

I caught up with a longtime friend and a super Chargers fan who gave me his opinion on Waters.
Thanks to Oddjob for the comments:

"He's a backup at best. I think the Chargers gave him every opportunity to succeed last year, especially with all of our injuries at linebacker, and he never contributed. When he was cut in February, the paper also alluded to some off-field issues being a contributing factor. That same paper also labeled him the biggest draft pick bust in the AJ Smith era. That label is pretty bad when we still have Buster Davis on the roster".

Yikes, does this remind anyone of Courtney Watson? Well, the guy's best season was 3 years ago at Clemson, so he'll really have to show the Saints something pretty special if he doesn't want to be a distant memory very soon.