Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Saints Nation: Hollis Thomas now gone, too

Hollis Thomas was released today, making him the second veteran defensive tackle in as many days to part ways with the Saints (special thanks to Momma Judge for the lead). While his departure was predictable based on his age (35), injury history (he missed the first half of last year with a torn tricep) and his ongoing battle with weight problems, the release of Thomas leaves the Saints with a lot less depth at defensive tackle. Now I can see last year's rookie DeMario Pressley moving up to #4 on the depth chart (behind Sedrick Ellis, Kendrick Clancy and Rod Coleman). Hollis spent a number of quality seasons in New Orleans and he was instrumental in the defense's terrific 2006 performance. He is loaded with humor and personality, so it's another leader presence in the locker room the Saints will miss greatly. All the best to you Hollis, and thanks for your contributions to the team and city.

This latest release saves more cap room for the Saints and makes you wonder what their next move is. They won't need much money for their rookie pool with only 4 draft choices, and Malcolm Jenkins it the only one that will command a real cap costing figure. Sounds to me like they're thinking about making a run at someone available. Whether that's a power running back or a recently released player with potential remains to be seen. Based on the timing though, it sure sounds like the Saints are up to something. Stay tuned...