Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saints Nation: Breaking News in the NFC South

Gulp, the Falcons just got A LOT better. You thought the Roddy White/Matt Ryan/Michael Turner (aka "MURDA" as the classy/linguistically skilled Atlanta fans so tastefully call him) offensive combo was scary? Add Tony Gonzalez to the mix. That's right, the Chiefs just traded the best tight end in the NFL for a 2nd round draft choice to the Falcons. If Malcolm Jenkins wasn't #1 on our board before this news, he should be now. This is not good news. Not good news at all.

Speaking of linguistically skilled, over in Carolina I hear the news that Jake Delhomme received a 5 year $42 million extension with $20 million in guaranteed money. Holy cow. That's a lot of money for a guy who single handedly buried their playoff game last year. This news is a little easier to swallow. Sure, Delhomme has owned us since he's joined Carolina, but he strikes a lot less fear in me than Matt Ryan throwing to Tony Gonzalez. Jake is also 34 years old. How many of those 5 years can we really expect him to play at that kind of money?