Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lance Moore injures shoulder... blessing in disguise?

Lance Moore has injured his shoulder in the weight room and will need surgery to repair the damage. The timing is pretty interesting because he has till Friday to either sign the Saints tender or sign an offer sheet with another team. The immediate gut reaction is certain to be: here we go again, we haven't even gotten to the draft and already we've suffered a big loss. I'm actually thinking the opposite. Not to worry, Sean Payton says in the article above he'll be good to go by training camp.

Should Moore sign with another team, the Saints would then have the right to match it or decide to let him go and accept a 2nd round draft pick in return. I just can't see anyone giving up a 2nd round pick in the draft next week for a 5'9" receiver with an injured shoulder. I was doubtful Moore was going anywhere before this news, but if teams were interested in signing him: this latest piece of news should scare them off.