Thursday, December 10, 2009

Saints Nation: The Unknown Who Dat

There's been a recent craze amongst Saints fans everywhere as "the Unkown Who Dat" (pictured) is gaining in popularity and discussion by the second. This brave soul suffered through the extremely cold temperatures in DC to will the Saints to victory last weekend. This man is reaching celebrity status. He's got a facebook group in his honor with over 11,500 members, a main dedicated website designed solely to uncover his true identity, and a discussion forum that's covered this topic for over 30 pages. The webpage is trying so hard to uncover his identity, a twitter account has been created as well, and it has received support from various media icons. What's next? Heres 's hoping will run an online contest or betting poll, with the first to identify The Unknown Who Dat receiving some kind of prize.

Help them find the Unknown Who Dat!

Oh... and in case you haven't seen the "TV Shot to Death" video yet... just take a moment to consider that you root for the same team as these people. I'm still not over it.

Wow. Just, wow.