Thursday, December 3, 2009

Saints Nation: The "Quiet Storm" Marques Colston is Getting National Recognition

Despite a very quiet off the field demeanor, Marques Colston got some significant exposure yesterday.'s featured story was a "Hot Read" on the Saints' receiver. You can read the long and inspiring story - HERE.

My feelings on Colston are nothing but ultimate respect. How lucky were the Saints to take this guy in the 7th round and have him develop into what he's become? Sure, he's a huge frame with terrific hands, terrific route running ability, terrific blocking ability, and impressive speed for his size. That's the prototype receiver you would want on any team. But beyond his physical attributes, the "Quiet Storm" has been the most humble and softspoken players on the Saints' team. In an era where some of the most famous NFL players include talented but high maintenance receivers (Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, Steve Smith of Carolina, Randy Moss), Colston has been a change from the norm. He goes quietly about putting up similar numbers to the players listed and prefers to lead by example. You ultimately not only have a better chance of winning with a guy like Colston, but you have a MUCH lesser chance of distractions when things are going wrong.