Thursday, December 17, 2009

Saints Nation: Saints vs. Cowboys in December Bodes Well

It's well documented that the Cowboys' current regime has struggled mightily in December. Oddly enough, it seems the Saints always play the Cowboys in December (at least in recent history), and they've got a nice little streak going against the star emblem. Check out the most recent results:

Dec 10th, 2006: Saints 42 @ Cowboys 17

Dec 12th, 2004: Cowboys 13 @ Saints 27

Dec 28th, 2003: Cowboys 7 @ Saints 13

Dec 24th, 1999: Cowboys 24 @ Saints 31

Dec 6th, 1998: Cowboys 3 @ Saints 22

Dallas' last win over the Saints dates back to 1994 when Troy Aikman and Emmett Smith, among others, were still on the team. It seems odd that the last 5 encounters have been in December, but the Saints have been able to take full advantage. Hopefully the game on Saturday will be no different.