Thursday, October 29, 2009

Saints Nation: PJ Hill leaves Saints, Herb Donaldson returns

Running Back P.J. Hill (pictured) has been signed off the Saints' practice squad to the Philadelphia Eagles' active roster according to THIS ARTICLE. When players are on a team's practice squad, they can be signed to another team if they are willing to give them a spot on their 53 man active roster. After Brian Westbrook's recent concussion the Eagles felt they needed more depth at his position and they were obviously impressed by the big numbers Hill put up in preseason. has an article on the pickup HERE. It's a smart move by Hill for his career. I'm sad to see him go, but he was stuck behind Pierre Thomas, Reggie Bush, Mike Bell, and Lynell Hamilton who are all healthy and have performed well this season.

The good news is that in the wake of this departure, the Saints have made a move of their own re-signing running back Herb Donaldson to take Hill's place on the practice squad. Donaldson was a promising rookie free agent running back this preseason that lost out on a chance to make the team given the crowded number of good players the Saints had/have at the position. Now he'll get his chance to continue to grow in the system and hopefully improve and contribute to the team down the line. Welcome back Herb!