Thursday, October 15, 2009

Saints Nation: Making Comments on this Site (Administrative Update)

Thanks to some of the recent "colorful" comments made by anonymous posters, I've made a change to the comment postings on Saints Nation. Moving forward, you must be signed into a gmail account in order to comment. I hate to ask people to do that, but my hope is that it will deter people from making inappropriate comments if their identity is revealed. You can no longer make a comment as "anonymous". Please know that I encourage comments and I love hearing from YOU, the fans, but with kids visiting this site I do want them exposed to some of the language and inappropriate comments some of you can't help yourself from sharing. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding, and PLEASE, don't hesitate to comment using your gmail account. I love constructive feedback from you guys! It can even be negative feedback, just please refrain from anything offensive. Thank you. As always I appreciate the support so many of you have given this site - it wouldn't be the same without you.