Friday, October 9, 2009

Saints Nation: NFC South Standings

NFC South TeamWLT PctPFPANet PtsTDHomeRoadDivPctConf

New Orleans Saints4001.0001446678182-02-00-0.0002-0

Atlanta Falcons210.6675753472-00-11-01.0001-0

Carolina Panthers030.0003787-5040-10-20-1.0000-3

Tampa Bay Buccaneers040.00054107-5370-20-20-0.0000-3

Mmmm, first place. It's made all the sweeter based on how awful Carolina and Tampa are doing. A long way to go, but things are right where we want them to be.Sidenote: Check out THIS STORY. How crazy is that? The Saints are #2 in the ENTIRE LEAGUE in TV ratings. That means more people nationwide are watching the Saints than the Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, Brett Favre led Vikings AND the Patriots. CRAZY!