Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Saints Nation: Reggie Bush's Illegal Tweet

Judging from the twitter accounts of a lot of these Saints players, they might have too much time on their hands. Reggie Bush is still nursing that sore calf, but took the time to update his twitter account with these thoughts about New Orleans native and basketball coach Avery Johnson visiting Saints practice: "I really hope Avery ends up the Hornets' coach next season. That would be great for both him and the team."

That "tweet", a popular term used for comments people make on the social networking site Twitter, was promptly deleted within minutes of it surfacing on Reggie Bush's account. I can picture a text or call from his buddy Chris Paul - "dude, what are you doing? Delete that immediately". Paul and Bush are good friends, in case you didn't know, and they live in the same condo building. Either way it's pretty funny. Byron Scott enters this upcoming NBA season as a lame duck coach in the final year of his contract; a contract the Hornets front office elected not to extend at the end of this disappointing season. Avery Johnson is actually a decent candidate to replace Scott, should Scott leave, for a lot of reasons. First he's a great coach, second he's from New Orleans and has personal ties to the Hornets and city. Reggie Bush's comments were fine in my book, but they obviously freaked out/agitated someone.

So who told him to take it down? Chris Paul? His agent? Frequent twitter user and Saints Vice President of Communications Greg Bensel?

Maybe you're saying "who cares"? Well, I'm sure Byron Scott does, and if he got wind of it I'm sure he doesn't appreciate it. Not a huge deal, but a dumb move on Reggie's part. If I'm Byron Scott I'm creating a twitter page ASAP and my first tweet is "I really hope Matt Forte ends up the Saints' running back next season. That would be great for both him and the team" with the add on of "that guy never gets hurt, and his salary is consistent with his performance".