Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Saints Nation: The Never Ending StarCaps Saga

Both Charles Grant and Will Smith (both pictured) will play Sunday against the Lions. Once again the looming 4 game suspension that undoubtedly awaits both of them is postponed. Eventually they'll most likely have to serve the said suspensions, and I'm frankly getting annoyed that they're still looking over their shoulder waiting for it to happen. First off, why didn't Charles Grant just revoke his appeal and serve the suspension while he was hurt last year? Both players play the same position, so staggering the suspensions would have been to the team's advantage, as it would have cushioned the blow of missing their star players. At this point the players seem resigned to the fact that fighting the NFL's decision is a lost cause. I just don't see the point in extending this any longer. The deeper into the season we get, the more we'll need these guys healthy and available. Right now we're looking at having both players out from week 2 through week 6 (week 5 is a bye). What if it ends up getting pushed back further? What if they end up serving the suspension in a must win division game? Get it over with and serve the suspension already, guys. If we can't beat the Lions without Charles Grant and Will Smith, we have other issues to worry about.