Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saints Nation: Matt Stafford to start for Lions

Lions' coach Jim Schwartz named Matt Stafford as his starting QB early this week (source), meaning he'll lead the Lions against the Saints in New Orleans on Sunday. I couldn't be happier with the news, to be honest. Stafford has struggled in preseason with a 52.8 passer rating, a 54.5 completion %, and a 1 touchdown 4 interception tally. While banged up, 2nd string Daunte Culpepper has by comparison compiled a 89.6 rating, 64.7 completion %, and a 1 touchdown o interception total. Stafford was also sacked three times, and Culpepper only once. Hard to see how based on those numbers Stafford went out there and "won" the starting job. Like any rookie QB, it's going to be a learning experience for Stafford. While rookie QB's like Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco had immediate success last year - Stafford doesn't have the luxury of Michael Turner in his backfield or the Baltimore defense on the other side of the ball. He's going to struggle, and who better than the Saints defense to face him first? Based on the number of turnovers the defense created in preseason, I'm hoping Stafford will be as prone. Culpepper from experience alone is much more of a threat to the Saints, and I'm happy we'll be benefiting from Stafford's growing pains.