Monday, May 24, 2010

Saints Nation: Saints Reportedly Add Fullback Jason McKie to Roster

ESPN Chicago has reported word that the Saints have signed recently released Bear fullback Jason McKie (link). McKie was originally an undrafted player out of Temple that has been in the league 9 years. He was the starting fullback for the Bears up until his released this offseason.

I think the question on everyone's mind is "what does this mean for Heath Evans?". Before anyone gets too worried, McKie is 30 years old and he's primarily a run blocker. He doesn't have the athleticism or versatility that Evans brings to the fullback position. He's a decent player, but a bit of a one trick pony. Evans is still recovering from knee surgery, so the signing could mean that he is still not 100% recovered and ready to go. I'm sure this will figure itself out in camp, so we'll just have to wait, but I'm going to throw out the idea that it's possible the Saints may consider keeping two fullbacks on their roster this year. The last two years the Saints have had their starting fullback on injured reserve (Evans and Mike Karney the year before) and they were left scrambling the waiver wire to find a replacement because they only carried one fullback on the roster. It's not impossible both players could end up making the Saints' final roster if the Saints decide they need an insurance policy at fullback this year. As decent as David Thomas was filling in, we all know fullback is not his natural position. I wouldn't necessarily read anything into Heath Evans' future, or recovery process, based on this pickup. I consider it just an insurance policy for the time being, but McKie will be allowed to compete like any other player in camp.

Thanks to my source for all things Bears, JLAW, I got the scoop on McKie from a Bears fan's perspective. "He's not bad. He's a good blocker and a good guy that stays out of trouble. A team leader type". Sounds like he fits the high character type player the Saints always look for to a T.